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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:Oregon, United States of America
If she could, she would live in a song or the memory-scented pages of some rare book. Born of the ocean and turned towards the sun, she's most at peace when not at rest. Her greatest dream is to lasso words and set them to their rightful purpose but she would settle for a well-tuned fiddle and the open road. She is always looking for footprints that match her own.

Josh Ritter, Patty Griffin, the ocean, John Connolly, Jeanette Winterson, Annie Proulx, The Hair Tribe on Tour, Hunter S. Thompson, jónsi & sigur rós, Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit, Andrew Smith, ghost towns, Kit Whitfield, Scotland, Anne Carson, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Viggo Mortensen, hem, Misha Collins, Emily Dickinson, Mary-Louise Parker, Walt Whitman, Chuck Klosterman, Okkervil River, sunny afternoons on the road

- HAIR: The Musical (current) -
- X-Men (First Class, specifically; current) -
- Sons of Anarchy, Shameless, Justified, Vikings, Rectify (current) -
- The Borgias, Deadwood, (current) -
- Weeds, Supernatural (former) -
- Lord of the Rings (former)-
- Oz (former)-

Interests (99):

anne carson, annie proulx, band of brothers, beach highways, brandi carlile, buffy the vampire slayer, cesare & lucrezia, chuck klosterman, claude/berger, dante gabriel & christina rossetti, deadwood, dreamscapes, erik/charles, fanfiction, feminism, film, first aid kit, folk music melancholia, friggin' lip gallagher, gavin creel, getting all het up about stuff, good meta, graphic design, gunbelts & cowboy hats, hair: the american musical, hamilton, hem, henry cavill, hunter s thompson, i got life, ian & lip, impromptu road trips, inappropriate obsessions, istvan/rupert, james mcavoy, jeanette winterson, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, john connolly, john connolly's awesome books, johnny flynn & the sussex wit, josh ritter, justified, jónsi & sigur rós, kate rusby, kathe koja, kings, kit whitfield, literature, louis/angel, marriage equality, michael chabon, michael fassbender, mix cds goddamn it, music (all kinds), musical theater, my "projects", mythology, northern exposure, okkervil river, orlando bloom, osf, oz, paris remillard, patty griffin, priscilla the musical, reading, rectify, ryan bingham, shameless, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sons of anarchy, sparkly balloons!!11!!, steel burkhardt, supernatural, synesthesia, tegan & sara, that creeper cesare borgias, the amazing race, the borgias, the hair tribe, the idealized midwest, the kills, the lord of the rings, the ocean, the winchester brothers, under the poppy, unexpected sequences of words, unrequited love, venus van dam, viggo mortensen, vikings, walt whitman, wee!trees!, weeds, will swenson, writing, x-men
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